NA Energy Solutions is a social enterprise in focused on the development and distribution of clean energy technologies in West Africa (Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone). These include energy saving cook stoves and solar lamps to households.
We target poor households to transform their energy use culture to make it cleaner and cheaper.
We believe that access to cleaner and cheaper energy sources will serve as an avenue to empower poor households in Ghana

Vision & Mission

Our vision is improved access to clean energy technologies particularly cookstoves and solar lamps for poor households in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.    

Our mission is to enhance access to efficient energy technologies (cook stoves and solar lamps) through efficient distribution systems that reaches last mile consumers. Our distribution model integrates flexible credit periods, education and after sales services.

Products & Services

NA Energy Solutions is currently distributing

  • Cook stoves
  • Solar lamps

The current cook stove being distributed is CookMate – this is the brand name for stoves produced by Cook Clean Ghana Limited (CCGL). The manufacturing occurs at CCGL’s production facilities at Asofan, a suburb in Accra, the capital. The stoves come in four different sizes- small, large medium and extra-large. The stoves consume up to 50% less charcoal than the traditional stove thus significant saving for the family. The stoves are made of mild steel sheets with embedded pot skirt which reduces heat leakage and enables heat to be constrained close to the cooking pot for an extended section of its upward travelling path. It prevents heat from directly escaping via the stove’s sides, effectively increasing the heat contribution to the pot’s contents per mass charcoal.
Credit: Cook Clean Ghana Limited Website

Our future energy plans include

  • Biomass energy systems
  • Small Hydropower Projects







NA Energy Solutions Limited is proudly a winner of the D-Prize Challenge. The D-Prize provided the seed funding for the launching of NA Energy Solutions Limited to launch in Ghana.


NA Energy Solutions is a major distributor for Cook Clean Ghana Limited. We are currently distributing the Cook Mate charcoal stoves and solar lamps.

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